Pittsburg and Crawford County, Kansas Adoption Attorney

Are you and your family considering an adoption? This is a huge step that needs the counsel and assistance of a legal team that understands the intricacies of the continuously evolving laws regarding adoption and surrogacy. There are many emotional and complex legal issues that may arise during this process, and knowing your rights is an important aspect of this procedure.

What is adoption and how does it work?

Adoption is a legal procedure where a child becomes a legal part of another family that differs from their original birth parents. In most instances, this procedure completely severs any ties to the birth family, transferring all rights to the new parents. There are instances where the birth parents retain their right to communicate with the child, and may even visit, but are not obligated financially in contributing to the child’s well-being

The Fleming Law Firm works to prepare our clients with the education needed to understand the seriousness of the adoption procedure, and ramifications that can take place if any unforeseen situations arise. We work with our clients and their adoption agency to make sure the process is smooth and effortless for all parties involved. Contact us today to see how we can assist with this important step in your life.