Business Law

Pittsburg and Crawford County, Kansas Business Law Attorney

Understanding which laws regulate your business is instrumental in ensuring its success. Protecting this investment is an important commitment that must not be ignored. Using knowledgeable legal representation to help you achieve the results you seek is key in avoiding exposure to risk and litigious situations.

Working with The Fleming Law Firm will help you in successfully handling business transactions, negotiating agreements and positioning your entity for profitability. We use our knowledge and expertise to keep you abreast of all laws and regulations that may affect your business in Kansas and the areas where you do business.

Our representation includes, but is not limited to:

  • Development of contractual agreements
  • Review of any agreements
  • Advisement on purchases and sales
  • Advisement on real estate issues or transactions
  • Counsel on stockholder concerns
  • Issues with partnerships

We adapt to any situation and need to keep our clients happy and their operations running efficiently. It can be difficult to retain counsel that understands the obstacles of a smaller business, but we are well-versed in startups and mid-level entities, taking pride in helping them succeed. Having a team on standby to assist with any concerns or issues that may occur will help your venture now and in the future.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to situations that can be easily rectified. We are here as a professional resource and consultant to help move your company forward. Let’s work together toward a positive outcome. Contact the attorneys at The Fleming Law Firm today!