Estate Plan Review

The start of a new year is a great time to pull out your estate plan or begin talking about your estate plan. Things to review include the following:
1. Would my estate have estate tax issues if something happened to me or my spouse today?
2. Do the people or corporate fiduciaries you and/or your spouse have designated as Successor Trustees still make sense?
3. Have we properly funded our trusts and titled our assets?
4. Do we need to make changes to the designated guardians of our children?
5. Are we comfortable with the designated beneficiaries of our estate?

Estate planning doesn’t have to be a difficult and cumbersome process. It should add security and peace of mind to you and your spouse to know that you have addressed issues that may arise with your assets, children and beneficiaries. It will also add ease of transition for your loved ones if an unexpected death or accident should happen to you or your spouse.

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